Why should I learn Ayurveda?

Ever had low energy?
Ever have a problem with memory?
Ever experience problems sleeping soundly?
Are you challenged with indestion, heartburn or problems with elimination?
Do you have problems with skin rash or acne?
Do you suffer from allergies?
Do you suffer with respiratory problems?
Have you ever had low back pain?

If you answered "yes" to any of the above and would like some help alleviating these problems Ayurveda may have the answer for you. If you want to learn more about Ayurveda and how it can help, please read on.

Ayurveda sees that the two main areas that affect our health and wellness are the foods we eat and the lifestyle we live. By changing our nutritional protocol and lifestyle, we can greatl y influence our physical, mental, and emotional health.

If you're having difficulty remembering things or acquiring a good night's sleep, this can be caused by an overly-active mind or too much stress in one's life. Ayurveda suggests that you bring more regularity to activities such as the time you eat your meals and when you go to bed. You can also give yourself a warm oil massage before bathing. Create time in your schedule to relax and have some f un- for example, take a leisurely walk or get out in nature. These are just a few suggestions that represent a Vata pacifying program.

Digestive disorders are most commonly caused by eating foods that don't support us such as fermented, heavy, or excessively rich foods and/or foods that are either too spicy, sour or salty. By eating lighter foods that are easier to digest, avoiding processed foods, and avoiding ice cold beverages you can resolve many digestive problems. Ayurveda says that following a Pitta pacifying pro gram is a good way to bring relief to our digestive system.

How about low energy? Being overly stimulated can result in the depletion of your energy level (called "burnout" in the west). Ayurveda suggests getting more slee p. Bringing more regularity to your diet and lifestyle can greatly improve your energy level. In addition calming our mind can also be a great help. This can be done by simply taking a few minutes a day to sit calmly and relax while taking long, full, deep breaths. Ayurveda also sees the need to have an adequate amount of good healthy fun in one's life to help keep us happy. Avoid excessive amounts of caffeine and alcohol which cause burn out. Instead, try getting to sleep earlier, and you'll wake u p with more energy. Another suggestion is to a follow a Vata reducing protocol.

Skin problems are a result of excessively oily skin and too much heat in the body. Foods that are deep fried or overly spicy can create skin eruptions. Not taki ng proper precautions against the rays of the sun will also aggravate the skin. Certain harsh, abrasive chemicals and synthetic fibers can adversely affect the skin so try to wear natural fabrics like cotton, wool, and silk. Whenever possible protect your self from exposure to toxic chemicals. Ayurveda sees that certain foods like white rice, watermelon, and coriander can alleviate many skin problems. Of course, in some instances skin can become extremely dry. In that case a warm oil massage a few times ea ch week will restore the texture of the skin. Most skin problems, however, are a result of the Pitta dosha being out of balance. Therefore, we suggest a regime that reduces Pitta.

Allergies and respiratory problems can be especially bad in the spring season. For people living in cold, damp climates this can be particularly challenging. Keepi ng dry and warm is one way to help with these problems. Certain foods that are heavy and oily, like dairy products and wheat, will also create excessive mucus, thereby causing allergies to be more pronounced. Foods that are warm and drying, such as fresh ginger and black pepper, can reduce excessive mucus. Ayurveda puts great empha sis on food as a way to help control allergies. However, we also see that stress can play a role as well. Try to make some time for recreation and eat foods that are fresher and lighter. We see that this is a result of excessive water in the body so foll ow a Kapha pacifying program.

Low back pain is a problem for many people from time to time. Sitting too much is probably the greatest contributor, so get out and exercise. Do some light str etching at work for a few minutes a day. Warm oil massage and soaking in a warm tub can help with low back pain. This is called a Vata pacifying program.

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