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[ ]Ayurvedic Foundations conducts workshops and custom training (US and abroad), produces audio cassette tapes, and provides Ayurvedic lifestyle counseling.

[ ]Ayurvedic Foundations is composed of Dean Campbell and Gerhardt Horstman, both longtime students of Ayurveda and graduates of the Ayurvedic Institute in Albuquerque, NM. Both have been students of Dr. Sunil V. Joshi, M.D.(Ayu), since 1994 and have twice traveled to his clinic in Nagpur, India, to study Ayurveda.

[ ]Note that what is unique about our training and approach in general to Ayurveda is that it is based upon direct experience drawn from clinical work. We believe that we have the unique ability to communicate Ayurvedic principls and concepts to English-speaking westerners in a way that is not only understandable but also refreshing and enjoyable. What we offer through our training is what we wish we had when we initially started studying Ayurveda. i.e., basically someone with a solid understanding of Ayurvedic principles, an understanding of how to apply Ayurveda in the Western world, and the ability to communicate this information in a relevant manner.

[ ]We also have unique insights into Ayurveda that others (at least in the West) are not currently offering. These concepts, when properly applied, can make a huge difference in the results that one gets from Ayurveda. One area in which these insights really shine is the Tridosha, as they relate to one's current state (Vikruti).

[ ]Currently, many people are focusing on a person's constitution (Prakruti) in order determine the proper foods and lifestyle that an individual should follow in order to become more balanced. However, we believe that it is one's current state (Vikruti) that should be emphasized in order to determine the proper Ayurvedic protocol. Think about it ! If you want to become really healthy on all levels, what is more important? Who you were when you were born, or who you have become today? In Ayurveda we have little potential to change your underlying constitution; however, there is a great deal we can offer in terms of managing your current state.

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